Charleston, SC | Amanda + Adam | Downtown Elopement

April was one of the busiest months of my entire career. I had minis and babies born left and right. At the end of the month I took a trip with a friend to Charleston, SC. I stayed 2 days and 2 nights. Squeezed in 9 sessions while I was there and it was so perfect. Although I was only going to be in town for a couple of days I made it my mission to find as many available clients as possible! I had sooo many adorable families/ couples! It was incredible! The amount of interest was amazing! We had a beautiful city and so many beautiful locations to choose from. We could be creative and we could do something different for each client!

If you've ever visited Charleston you know its a beautiful city. If not the most beautiful city in America. If you get the opportunity to visit- go during the Spring! Everything is stunning there, so colorful and full of life! Morgan and I met up with Amanda & Adam on our second morning there and did a beautiful elopement shoot with them. Amanda wore a beautiful mint lace dress & hubby to be wore a beautiful navy blue suit with pink accents. They looked like a modern day Eric & Ariel from the Little Mermaid. They were stunning and so madly in love. We walked, talked and laughed. We stopped at every beautiful home and made sure to see every pink house! We met puppy dogs and even grabbed breakfast at the same place. It was such an honor to see theses two newlyweds with so much love in front of our camera! Getting married is huge and photos are so important. Im thankful the stars aligned for us to meet and that we could do this special session for them. 




Amanda's ring and her florals were gorgeous! Those bright pink & soft pink details were romantic & still so much fun!